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The PM and Minister Laundy discussed tax, agriculture, economic policy, North Korea and political issues at a Sydney doorstop. [Full Text]

The PM addressed the Business Council dinner. [Full Text]

Treasurer Morrison discussed economic, tax and marriage policy and political issues on 7.30. [Full Text]

Bill Shorten discussed political issues and tax policy on Sunrise. [Full Text]

Mr Shorten and Shadow Minister Burke discussed political issues and marriage, penalty rates and bank regulation policy at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Mr Burke discussed those issues on RN. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Plibersek discussed political issues and school funding on Sky. [Full Text]

Ms Plibersek discussed those issues on ABC24. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed tax and bank regulation policy and political issues on News Radio. [Full Text]

Barton Deakin issued a brief on the deferral of next week's House sitting. [Full Text]

Treasurer Morrison and Ministers McCormack and Laundy announced the establishment of a Small Business Digital Taskforce. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor said The Digital Marketplace has awarded 75% of $50m in technology contracts to SMEs. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack invited submissions regarding fees for paper bills. [Full Text]

ASIC said ANZ and NAB have entered into enforceable undertakings in relation to bank bill trading and the setting of the Bank Bill Swap Rate. [Full Text]

APRA's chair discussed 'Housing - The importance of solid foundations' in a speech. [Full Text]

Minister Frydenberg said ARENA is providing $11.9m for a biofuel technology demonstration facility in the Hunter. [Full Text]

ARENA issued information on that project. [Full Text]

Minister Frydenberg said the Government put energy storage on the agenda. [Full Text]

The Chief Scientist discussed an ACOLA report at a doorstop (see yesterday's Second Edition). [Full Text]

The CER said the agriculture sector has halved its greenhouse emissions over 20 years. [Full Text]

Minister Ruston marked the inaugural National Agriculture Day. [Full Text]

Minister Hartsuyker marked that event. [Full Text]

The NFF marked that event. [Full Text]

ABARES issued 'Australia's Agricultural Industries 2017'. [Full Text]

The MDBA said water recovery in 41 communities across the southern Murray-Darling Basin up to October 2016 generated 224 GL in savings. [Full Text]

PIEFA issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

Minister Scullion announced $1.2m to Cowboys house in Townsville. [Full Text]

Minister Chester invited nominations for four Inland Rail Community Consultative Committees in Queensland. [Full Text]

Minister Bishop announced the appointment of Jonathan Gilbert as Ambassador to Kuwait. [Full Text]

AGs issued 'Protective Security Policy Framework 2015-16 Compliance Report'. [Full Text]

Ministers Bishop and Keenan issued 'Remittance Corridors: Australia to Pacific Island countries - Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Assessment'. [Full Text]

That report is online. [Full Text]

Minister Keenan announced an extension of an agreement with Thailand to combat drug trafficking. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan issued a statement after the announcement that a project to build wind farms at the site of the Battle of Bullecourt would not proceed. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Taking one for the team: the OPV split-build'. [Full Text]

Finance issued correspondence with ASC. [Full Text]

Defence issued its response to a request for documents regarding allegations of collusion by

Defence staff. [Full Text]

Defence issued the released documents. [Full Text]

Minister Porter said the number of teen parents on income support fell by 13% between 2013 and 2016. [Full Text]

Minister Tudge said a welfare compliance taskforce is visiting the NSW central coast. [Full Text]

Minister Hunt issued movement guidelines for babies and young children. [Full Text]

Minister Ken Wyatt will award the 'DonateLife Save of the Cup' trophy to the best goalkeeper of the 2017 FFA Cup series. [Full Text]

The TGA issued a presentation: 'The ACSS Consortium and the Generic Medicines Work-Sharing Trial'. [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham addressed the MediaMe Conference. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor addressed the National Growth Areas Alliance conference. [Full Text]

Minister Laundy issued a national measurement policy statement. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen said the PM wants a medal for suggesting he might consider cutting income taxes. [Full Text]

PwC issued 'Aussie Mine 2017'. [Full Text]

PM&C marked the lead up to White Ribbon Day. [Full Text]

Finance issued information on the process of recovering debt from Parliamentarians. [Full Text]

The ADC issued a report on aluminium road wheels from China. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Producer Price Indexes, Australia, Sep 2017'. [Full Text]

'I like the way I can always find economic news at the end of each Bulletin, like sport in newspapers' - subscriber feedback. [Full Text]

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