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The PM and his Singaporean counterpart discussed defence, trade, South African immigration and cities policy at a press conference. [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham discussed the Day of Action Against Bullying, super tax policy and the SA election at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack discussed inland rail, Victorian infrastructure and South African immigration policy on ABC Melbourne. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack discussed inland rail, Wagga Defence projects and super tax policy at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Polley discussed super tax, aged care and South African immigration policy on Sky. [Full Text]

The PM addressed the ASEAN Small and Medium Enterprises Conference. [Full Text]

Ministers Bishop and Payne and their Indonesian counterparts issued a Joint Statement. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Russian pragmatism on display in South East Asia'. [Full Text]

Minister Bishop and her Indonesian counterpart signed a Maritime Cooperation Plan of Action. [Full Text]

The ABF announced a gift two Bay Class vessel engines to the Sri Lankan Navy. [Full Text]

Minister Ruston marked the first Sustainable Seafood Week. [Full Text]

The AFP said Australian, US and Canadian agencies have smashed an enterprise servicing organised crime with encrypted communications. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor announced the winners of the inaugural ASEAN-Australia Codeathon. [Full Text]

The Cyber Security Centre announced a partnership with the founder of [Full Text]

DSS issued the impact assessment on a breach of DSS employee information in October 2017. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Australia, Asia, and the "Wealth of Nations"'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'The patchy results of China's soft power efforts'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'WPS 2018: Civil society participation in WPS governance in Australia'. [Full Text]

Ministers Cash and Ciobo announced an ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Initiative. [Full Text]

Minister Fifield said new gambling advertising rules will commence on 30/3. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Rowland said Foxtel is reported to be planning to ditch the NBN's HFC network. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Jones called for more to be done to improve NBN customer experience in Ipswich and the Somerset region. [Full Text]

The PC posted transcripts of all four hearings for its inquiry into competition in the financial system. [Full Text]

The Business Council urged the Senate to pass the Enterprise Tax Plan. [Full Text]

The TIO welcomed ACMA's proposed new rules to better protect consumers migrating to the NBN (see yesterday's Second Edition). [Full Text]

Minister McKenzie encouraged regional schools to get involved in the e-Safety Commissioner's virtual classrooms against cyberbullying. [Full Text]

The NCSEHE issued 'University aspirational pathways for metropolitan and regional students: Implications for supporting school-university outreach partnerships'. [Full Text]

The e-Safety Commissioner encouraged parents to talk to their children about how they engage online this National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. [Full Text]

The Education Council said more than half of Australian school students are saying 'Bullying. No Way!'. [Full Text]

Research Australia issued its submission to the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce. [Full Text]

The IHPA issued 'Tier 2 Non-Admitted Services Definitions Manual 2018-19'. [Full Text]

The IHPA issued 'Tier 2 Non-Admitted Services Compendium 2018-19'. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen said independent experts called out Treasurer Morrison on taxable income data. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Cameron addressed the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees conference. [Full Text]

COTA said Labor's dividend imputation proposal needs revision but deserves discussion. [Full Text]

Independent MP McGowan said the decision to build ADF vehicles in Queensland 'disappointing'. [Full Text]

The Irrigators' Council welcomed the MDBA decision to make the Regional Engagement Officer network a permanent feature. [Full Text]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [Full Text]

Geoscience Australia issued 'The Ginninderra CH4 and CO2 release experiment: An evaluation of gas detection and quantification techniques'. [Full Text]

The CER foreshadowed a compliance campaign for Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme registered agents. [Full Text]

The Energy Council announced the appointment of Sarah McNamara as CEO. [Full Text]

IP Australia issued its response to the consultation on proposed IP reforms. [Full Text]

BITRE issued 'Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme - Review of the expanded component: Final Report'. [Full Text]

'The service is excellent, many thanks and keep up the good work' - an Agriculture sector subscriber. [Full Text]

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