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Minister Frydenberg issued a statement on AGL's decision to reject Alinta's offer for the Liddell power station. [Full Text]

The AER invited submissions to its review of revenue proposals from NSW electricity distributors. [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham discussed tax policy, US/China and political issues on Sky. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Wong discussed US/China, China relations, Israel/Palestine, tax policy and the APS Commissioner on Sky. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Burke discussed tax, environment, republic and MPs' citizenship policy and political issues on ABC24. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Chalmers discussed tax and live trade policy and the finance RC at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed the Liddell power station, energy, climate, tax and car repair policy on Sky. [Full Text]

The AEC issued election disclosure returns for the 2017 New England by-election. [Full Text]

Ministers Bishop and Fierravanti-Wells said Australia is assisting Fiji to respond to a meningococcal outbreak with $1m for a vaccination program. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Australia and the South Pacific: come to my aid'. [Full Text]

Minister Wyatt welcomed an expansion of the Thriving Communities Program on Groote Eylandt. [Full Text]

The CMO said a 25-30% increase in demand for flu vaccination has impacted availability. [Full Text]

The AIHW issued 'GEN Aged Care Data: People's care needs in aged care'. [Full Text]

The AIHW issued 'GEN Aged Care Data: People using aged care'. [Full Text]

A new edition of the Medical Journal of Australia is online. [Full Text]

Ministers Birmingham and Cash announced $418k from the ARC to ACOLA for research into Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. [Full Text]

Minister Keenan announced a helpline for clients who have fallen victim to fraudsters or identity thieves posing as departmental staff. [Full Text]

Minister Chester invited submissions to a PC inquiry into compensation and rehabilitation for veterans. [Full Text]

The ACCC issued its 2017 Targeting Scams report. [Full Text]

The Registered Organisations Commissioner announced legal proceedings against the CEPU. [Full Text]

PM&C issued a statement from the religious Freedom Review panel. [Full Text]

The ACTU issued 'Australia's insecure work crisis: Fixing it for the future'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'China's strategic strait in the South China Sea (part 1)'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'China opens its financial institutions to the world - sort of'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Missed opportunities in the internationalised university'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Water Use on Australian Farms, 2016-17'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Agricultural Commodities, Australia, 2016-17'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, 2016-17'. [Full Text]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [Full Text]

TAFE Directors issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

ACPET issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

PwC issued a CityPulse Sydney report. [Full Text]

DAWR said a dog at the Post Entry Quarantine facility has tested positive for Canine Influenza Virus. [Full Text]

Home Affairs issued 14 recent FoI releases. [Full Text]

The Wet Tropics Management Authority issued 'State of Wet Tropics 2016-17'. [Full Text]

The ADC issued information on copy paper and hot rolled coil. [Full Text]

'The bulletins are really useful and a vital resource in my role' - a satisfied subscriber. [Full Text]

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