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The PM and Minister Bishop said the GG will represent Australia at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. [Full Text]

Minister Cash said 43 Australian researchers have been allocated time on European Southern Observatory telescopes. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Jerusalem: it's time for two American embassies'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'India's choice in the Maldives'. [Full Text]

Treasurer Morrison discussed immigration, energy, petrol prices, wages, tax and Budget policy and Minister Joyce on 3AW. [Full Text]

The IMF issued an assessment of Australia. [Full Text]

Treasurer Morrison said the IMF praised Australia's economic performance. [Full Text]

Minister Dutton addressed the National Press Club. [Full Text]

Minister Frydenberg discussed energy policy and political issues on 5AA (audio). [Full Text]

Minister Frydenberg discussed those topics on ABC Adelaide (audio). [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham, Shadow Minister Wong and Conservative Senator Bernardi discussed SA issues and energy policy on ABC Adelaide. [Full Text]

Bill Shorten discussed Queensland infrastructure, Adani, immigration and counter-terror policy, Minister Joyce and political issues at a Rockhampton doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen said the IMF endorsed reforms to negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Husic discussed the future of work and ICT issues on Sky. [Full Text]

Greens MP Bandt challenged Labor over reports of preference negotiations in Batman with the Conservatives. [Full Text]

The Business Council CEO discussed the US trade delegation and tax policy on RN. [Full Text]

Ministers Cash and Canavan announced $2.1m for eight National Energy Resources Australia grants. [Full Text]

ENA welcomed $4.9m for Australian Gas Infrastructure Group's hydrogen demonstration project. [Full Text]

ARENA announced $2.5m for a pilot of technology to reduce energy consumption of household swimming pools. [Full Text]

The CEC said SA Labor's renewable energy and energy storage targets are world-class ambitions. [Full Text]

The CEFC committed $100m to the agricultural platform of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets. [Full Text]

The NFF issued its submission to the technical review of the Gene Technology Regulations. [Full Text]

Minister O'Dwyer invited comment on draft regulations for early release of superannuation benefits on compassionate grounds. [Full Text]

Minister Keenan issued a Trusted Digital Identity Framework. [Full Text]

The DTA issued information on that framework. [Full Text]

NBNCo issued a weekly progress report. [Full Text]

The ATO issued an update on work to bolster its IT resilience. [Full Text]

The ADHA said 13 countries, Hong Kong, and the WHO have kicked off a global network to support best use of digital technology in healthcare. [Full Text]

The TGA issued submissions to its review of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. [Full Text]

PHA's CEO discussed health insurance policy on ABC Brisbane. [Full Text]

The TGA issued guidance for applications for registration of prescription medicines [Full Text]

Minister Fletcher said Hobart Airport's runway extension is complete. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister O'Connor said Q4 2017 wages data (see Second Edition) proves the Government has nothing to offer workers [Full Text]

The ACCI said that data was encouraging. [Full Text]

The ACTU said that data show that working people need more power to negotiate pay rises. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young said the TPP-11 agreement (see Second Edition) must be scrutinised through a Senate inquiry. [Full Text]

Austrade issued 'Core arguments and facts of the 2018 Benchmark Report: Innovation and Skills'. [Full Text]

The NCSEHE issued 'What do we know about evaluation in Indigenous higher education contexts in Australia?' [Full Text]

AIATSIS welcomed its move to PM&C. [Full Text]

'We had an issue arise where I quickly needed to know what the main players were saying two months ago. The CIQ online archive proved invaluable' - an Education sector subscriber. [Full Text]

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