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The PM discussed the Solicitor-General's resignation, resource project approval processes, climate policy, and Brisbane transport infrastructure projects on ABC Brisbane. [Full Text]

Minister Julie Bishop discussed the former Solicitor-General, the AHRC president, Australians detained in China, Iraq/Syria, the Philippines President, and political issues on Sky. [Full Text]

AG George Brandis issued the Solicitor-General's letter of resignation and his reply and announced the appointment of Tom Howe as Acting Solicitor-General. [Full Text]

Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus issued a statement on the Solicitor-General's resignation. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Brendan O'Connor said the PM must rule out accepting the vote of Family First Senator Bob Day on the Government's workplace relations Bills. [Full Text]

DAWR issued a letter from its former Secretary to Minister Barnaby Joyce. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Joel Fitzgibbon issued a statement regarding that letter. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Nick McKim said the Solicitor-General was run out of office by a government with no regard for proper process or the rule of law. [Full Text]

Hawker Britton issued an Occasional Paper on how the Senate has voted in the first 10 sitting days of the 45th Parliament. [Full Text]

The BoM issued an ENSO Wrap-Up. [Full Text]

The ACNC issued 'Are there too many charities in Australia?' [Full Text]

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