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The PM discussed housing finance, penalty rates, economic, national security and defence procurement policy, an Australian missing in Canada and political issues on 3AW. [Full Text]

Treasurer Morrison and Minister Sukkar discussed housing finance, refugee resettlement and national security policy and political issues in a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister O'Connor discussed the June jobs data (see Second Edition) and refugee resettlement in a doorstop. [Full Text]

The President of the Senate and the Speaker announced a delay in the publication of records of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the conduct of former AG Lionel Murphy. [Full Text]

Minister Cash issued a statement on the June jobs data (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

Shadow Minister O'Connor issued a statement on those figures. [Full Text]

Minister Dutton said former PM Rudd's assertions that the PNG arrangement was for 'one year only' are patently false. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Marles discussed refugee resettlement on Sky. [Full Text]

Minister O'Dwyer invited comment on the the ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce position paper: 'ASIC's Access to Telecommunications Intercept Material'. [Full Text]

ASIC invited comment on a consultation paper: 'Revising the market licence regime for domestic and overseas operators'. [Full Text]

The ABA welcomed a progress report on the sector's reform program. [Full Text]

Minister Sinodinos discussed innovation policy on Sky. [Full Text]

Minister Fifield addressed the CommsDay Unwired Conference. [Full Text]

Minister Ciobo announced $1.6m through the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure program for projects on the Great Ocean Road and Geelong and Bellarine regions. [Full Text]

Minister Scullion announced $4m for a Centre for Aboriginal Excellence and Leadership at the Port Adelaide Alberton Oval precinct. [Full Text]

TEQSA issued information from its forum on first-year student attrition. [Full Text]

The Copyright Council invited voting for the Educational Publishing Awards. [Full Text]

The Business Council welcomed Referendum Council Report on Constitutional Reform (see Tuesday's Second Edition). [Full Text]

Minister Tudge discussed 'No child will live in poverty - 30 years later, a new direction' in a speech. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Butler said ANZ has joined the chorus calling for a Clean Energy Target. [Full Text]

The SME Ombudsman said small business operators are the forgotten people in the energy crisis. [Full Text]

The CER issued its June snapshot of RET small-scale renewable energy system installations. [Full Text]

The CER said that data shows Queensland leading the way on small-scale renewable energy. [Full Text]

Austrade issued a webinar presentation on Pacific Renewable Energy Opportunities. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Carr said the National Construction Code is not enforced. [Full Text]

The TGA's Advisory Committee on Medical Devices issued a statement from its February meeting. [Full Text]

The NFF issued statement on a class action by NT cattle producers against the Government for the 2011 shut down of the live cattle trade to Indonesia. [Full Text]

Austrade issued a webinar presentation on Ground services, equipment and training opportunities in Dubai's aviation hub. [Full Text]

Austrade issued a Trade Winds newsletter. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Albanese said the Cities Performance Framework interim report is a plan for a plan (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

The AMA issued its submission to the interim report of the Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation Review. [Full Text]

The ACF said advice from the Environmental Defenders Office Queensland is that proposed environmental offsets for Adani's coal mine are fundamentally flawed. [Full Text]

The ATO issued information on the requirements to register foreign owned water assets. [Full Text]

Defence has hosted the Political Commissar of the PLA's Southern Theatre Command. [Full Text]

ASPI issued a National security wrap. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'The Australian Flying Corps, 1917-18 (part 2)'. [Full Text]

The ACNC revoked the charity status of the African Australian Network, the Global Helping Hands Foundation and the Immigrant Womens' Health Information Service. [Full Text]

The ADC issued information on resealable can ends, wire rope, grinding balls, Dichlorophenoxy-acetic Acid, hot rolled coil and galvanised steel. [Full Text]

'I appreciate how you cut the hype and bluster from announcements and focus on the core content' - a Commerce & Industry subscriber. [Full Text]

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