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The PM greeted the German Chancellor. [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham discussed indigenous education and childcare issues, regional air services and Alice Springs issues at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Minister Bishop has discussed ephemera on Fox FM Melbourne. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Albanese discussed infrastructure and tax policy and a Chinese investment at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Mr Albanese discussed the Pacific Highway, Finance RC and political issues on ABC Mid North Coast. [Full Text]

Minister Bishop discussed the Koreas, the Pacific, Zimbabwe, Russia and the South China Sea in a London doorstop. [Full Text]

ASPI issued a five domains update. [Full Text]

Minister Dutton will represent the Government at Anzac Day commemorations in Turkey. [Full Text]

Minister Pyne welcomed CAE's new canberra office. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Marles addressed the National Press Club. [Full Text]

AiGroup welcomed the Defence Industrial Capability Plan (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

Defence issued its response to documents information discussing whether there was a requirement for the LCM1E Landing Craft to be able to land M1 Abrams tanks. [Full Text]

Defence issued the released documents. [Full Text]

Defence issued its response to a request for data on sexual assault and harassment. [Full Text]

Defence issued the released documents. [Full Text]

DFAT issued its response to a request for documents created in March 14-16 regarding resettlement of South African farmers. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Framing the Australia-China relationship'. [Full Text]

Minister Price said Google has posted a virtual journey showcasing the wildlife of Christmas Island. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Attack of the Twitter bots'. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Butler said the latest CPI data (see Second Edition) shows power prices rose by almost 12% in the last year. [Full Text]

The AER issued performance data for electricity transmission businesses. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon said the biggest challenge facing the agriculture sector is recruiting and retaining workers. [Full Text]

APVMA issued a Gazette. [Full Text]

The BoM issued an ENSO Wrap-up. [Full Text]

Shadow Ministers Collins and O'Neill said the Government must use the Budget to prioritise mental health. [Full Text]

Research Australia called on the Government to use 10% of the Medical Research Future Fund for frontier research. [Full Text]

ARPANSA issued its Q4 2017 report. [Full Text]

The AMA issued its submission to draft RACGP Standards for Point of Care Testing. [Full Text]

The Medical Board said the ACT tribunal has reprimanded a GP and banned him from treating female patients. [Full Text]

The ADHA said the RACGP will deliver My Health Record education to GPs. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Siewert said today's hearing for an inquiry into the plan to drug test income support recipients demonstrated overwhelming opposition to the measure. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Bartlett said drug testing people on welfare is wrong. [Full Text]

Independent Senator Storer issued a statement on company tax policy. [Full Text]

AiGroup issued its pre-Budget survey of businesses. [Full Text]

The Business Council issued its opening statement to today's hearing for a Senate committee inquiry into its commitment to the Senate. [Full Text]

The PC chair discussed 'Challenges, Threats and Opportunities for Australian International Trade' in a speech. [Full Text]

DEE said APN Outdoor has gained carbon-neutral certification. [Full Text]

ASIC issued documents concerning its decision to ban Daniel Manley from providing financial services (3Mb on Dropbox, click to view). [Full Text]

auDA acknowledged the decision of the Registrant Review Panel regarding [Full Text]

Austrade launched an International Commercial Arbitration report. [Full Text]

DCA issued information on changes to copyright duration laws. [Full Text]

DSS issued information on the number of Age Pensioners whose payment is affected under the [Full Text]

assets test who have assessable curtilage. [Full Text]

The ACTU said wages are falling behind the increasing costs of essential goods and services. [Full Text]

The NDIS issued a Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider and Investor Brief. [Full Text]

The AIC issued 'How much does prison really cost? Comparing the costs of imprisonment with community corrections'. [Full Text]

'I find the bulletin a great snap shot that allows me to focus on items I want to delve into more deeply without having to scan volumes of other material' - subscriber testimonial. [Full Text]

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