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Minister Frydenberg discussed energy supply policy on 2GB (audio). [Full Text]

AEMO called on Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader providers to be on standby this afternoon to deliver additional supply to Victoria and SA. [Full Text]

The AER will investigate yesterday's high wholesale electricity prices in Victoria and SA. [Full Text]

The Irrigators Council issued 'Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce - summary, background and work to date'. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud issued 'Analysis of efficiency measures in the Murray-Darling Basin'. [Full Text]

ACIAR invited submissions for funding under the Cultivate Africa's Future program. [Full Text]

Minister Ciobo is visiting Hungary, France and Switzerland. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Rishworth welcomed an AIHW report on ADF and veteran suicide (see First Edition). [Full Text]

The AMA president discussed cancer screening research on 3AW. [Full Text]

Austrade issued a clinical trials capability report for Australia. [Full Text]

The Administrator of the National Health Funding Pool issued its October report. [Full Text]

DCA issued the Government's response to an NBN committee report on the NBN rollout. [Full Text]

Treasury issued a document relating to a proposed Director Identification Number. [Full Text]

The ATO extended the deadline for 2016-17 SMSF annual returns to 30/6. [Full Text]

The ATO issued 'Self-Managed Superannuation Funds: A Statistical Overview 2015-16'. [Full Text]

The ACCI issued information on tourism and hospitality employment by electorate. [Full Text]

DEE said a NSW importer has been fined $12.6k for importing vehicles with air conditioning units containing a common refrigerant gas without a licence. [Full Text]

The ACNC said charity compliance revocations rose by 30% in 2017. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'In defence of economic populism'. [Full Text]

The MDBA said traditional owners are helping water managers combine local observations with real-time weather data. [Full Text]

GA issued information from its the 2018 National Youth Science Forum program. [Full Text]

The APSC invited nominations for the 2018 UN Public Service Awards. [Full Text]

The majority of what we report is not reported by other media. [Full Text]

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