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The PM will meet President Trump in New York on 4/5 for the 75th commemoration of the Battle of the Coral Sea. [Full Text]

Senator-elect Lucy Gichuhi issued a statement on the merger of Family First and the Australian Conservatives. [Full Text]

Minister Payne has visited Jordan. [Full Text]

Minister Frydenberg addressed an Anzac Day ceremony in Jerusalem. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan said hundreds of Anzac Day ceremonies were held throughout the country and around the world. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan paid tribute to the Australians who fought and died at the Battle of Bullecourt. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Marles discussed Anzac Day and Defence deployment and procurement issues on Sky. [Full Text]

ASPI issued ?Pests slowing the Marine?s Darwin advance?. [Full Text]

Defence issued its response to a request for documents regarding alleged breach of procurement guidelines in the purchase of software. [Full Text]

Defence issued the released documents (heavily redacted). [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham announced the appointment of Professor Sue Thomas as ARC CEO. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Carr congratulated Professor Thomas. [Full Text]

The ARC welcomed that announcement. [Full Text]

Minister Sinodinos said the PM?s Industry 4.0 Taskforce has signed a cooperation agreement with Platform Industrie 4.0 from Germany. [Full Text]

ASPI issued ?Planning for President Le Pen?. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen addressed a housing affordability summit. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Albanese said the Coalition?s announcement of a National Cities Performance Framework is a reinvention of the State of Australian Cities report. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Whish-Wilson said a Senate committee report called for Government to take the climate blindfold off business and investors. [Full Text]

DEE issued documents that mention low-emission coal technology. [Full Text]

DIRD invited submissions to a discussion paper on coastal shipping reform. [Full Text]

DEE issued documents regarding hibbertia fumana at the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal site. [Full Text]

DEE issued documents regarding a recovery plan for Leadbeaters Possum (36Mb on Dropbox, click to view). [Full Text]

DEE issued documents regarding a koala recovery plan (5Mb on Dropbox, click to view). [Full Text]

DEE issued a document regarding the Watermark mine. [Full Text]

NBNCo said a fixed wireless demonstration of carrier aggregation technology in Ballarat achieved 1.1Gbps downstream and 165Mbps upstream. [Full Text]

NBNCo issued a weekly progress report. [Full Text]

Science & Technology Australia launched a program to train and support 30 female STEM professionals to be role models for young women and girls. [Full Text]

PIEFA issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

Employment issued its Q4 2016 Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining Report. [Full Text]

The ABF has gifted a Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat to the Myanmar Police Force. [Full Text]

The ABC issued a statement regarding a Facebook post by Yassmin Abdel-Magied. [Full Text]

The ABS issued ?Consumer Price Index, Australia, Mar 2017?. [Full Text]

?Your summaries are pithy and succinct...carefully written against tight deadlines? ? a recent trialster. [Full Text]

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